Different Sizes :

  These porta cabins can be availed in a different sizes according to customer’s requirement. Also, it can be customized as per the need.Flexible Designs : It can be difficult to change a permanent structure but prefabricated porta cabin can be explore according to need. These porta cabins are designed to be adaptable and relocatable in every situations and are ideal for areas with limited accessibility.


The use of Porta cabins are increasing day by day in Indian construction industry. Many companies want to complete the project properly at construction site, so they decide to retain their employee or supervisor on construction site of the project. In this case, porta cabins are very helpful for temporary stay until the project is not completed. Many companies save their money by using temporary office at construction site. These prefabricated portable cabin are strong, highly durable and can easily transfer from one place to another place. Porta cabins are highly used in construction for different purposes and manufactured by porta cabin manufacturer in a controlled environment.


Porta Cabin :

There are many porta cabin manufacturer in India but few companies manufactures portable cabin according to the industrial standard. GREEN ENVIRO is one of them and offers wide range of porta cabins to clients pan India. The benefit of porta cabin are following as:

Mobility : Porta cabins can be shift easily from one place to another place at any time without any problem. Even when required to dismantle then can be easily dismantled and can be installed easily to another place with minimum effort.

Fast Construction : To manufacture any portable building 50-60 % less time required as compared to manufacture permanent building. So it takes less time in it and as a result it reduces the time and money spent at the job site on things not even related to the project itself.

Weather Resistant: These porta cabins are well insulated, painted, strong and corrosion free. So any adverse weather condition does not impact the prefabricated portable cabin. Porta cabins are well fitted with cooling and heating systems which offers some respite from the harsh weather.